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motor city wheels

Banner displayed in the Detroit Tigers' Comerica park, promoting "Motor City Wheels" mascots for Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers. Designed on behalf of Strive Creative Ad Agency.


Collaborative trade show booth design for audio/video rental company Nationwide Video, on behalf of Strive Creative Ad Agency. Specifically responsible for all banners and wall graphics, as well as mocking up various LED screen animations surrounding the booth.

truckloads of hope

Displayed in the bed of pickup trucks at local Chevrolet™ dealerships, this 3-dimensional graphic was designed for Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers and their annual charity event "Truckloads Of Hope." Created on behalf of Strive Creative Ad Agency.


I currently do all of my freelance design and illustration from my home studio. Though it’s not as ominous as it may sound, working full-time from my basement does keep me indoors a little too much for my liking. Any opportunity to interact with the outside world is welcomed, so feel free to drop a line, talk shop, or just say hello. I look forward to talking and working with you. 


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