THE illustrator

Jim studied Illustration at Northern Michigan University, where his focus was on technical illustration, designing detailed mechanical parts and putting his personal spin on car and motorcycle concepts. Today, through his personal and freelance projects, Jim continues to explore a widening range of subject matter, capturing everything from robots and airplanes to portraits and wildlife in strikingly realistic and unique ways.

Illustrating is one of my favorite things to do, both professionally and in my spare time. My style is always evolving, but still stems from the same approach: combining photorealism with bright color and high contrast for a bold, graphic finish.


I currently do all of my freelance design and illustration from my home studio. Though it’s not as ominous as it may sound, working full-time from my basement does keep me indoors a little too much for my liking. Any opportunity to interact with the outside world is welcomed, so feel free to drop a line, talk shop, or just say hello. I look forward to talking and working with you. 


You can email me directly at or send below


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